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Spray Foam in Pole Barns and Out buildings


Pole Barns and Out Buildings

Worried that your building rattles in the wind and is drafty.

Frustrated that your building is hot as an oven in summer and as cold as a freezer in winter.

Want to work in shirt sleeves in the dead of winter?

Angry that condensation rains on your equipment inside your building.

Normally Guaranteed Services sprays closed cell SPF Spray Foam at least 1″ (R7) of high density polyurethane spray foam on the sidewalls of a pole barn and a slightly thicker 1 1/2″ on the underside of the roof deck (R11).

High Density Closed Cell Spray Foam sprayed on the interior of pole barns adds rigidity, secures the barn, stops air leakage, and holds in heat.  It is important to note that one should always put more insulation in the ceiling than on the walls to minimize condensation.  That is, heat rises, along with the moisture, and where the moisture “sees” the dew point, it will condense out.  Just like in an old house with solid wood around the windows with single pane glass, as the temperature drops outside, the first place you see the moisture from condensation is right on those windows and around that wooden frame.  So if you have enough moisture in a pole barn, you will want more insulation above you than on the sidewalls.  That way, if you do get condensation, it will be on the sides, instead of dripping on you or your equipment.