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Spray Foam Roofing

Guaranteed Commercial Roofing Systems

Spray Foam Roofing, Metal Roofing, Tar and Gravel Replacement

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Commercial Roofing: New Roofs or Over Existing Roofs

The Spray Foam Roofing System (Polyurethane Foam Roofing System) is used for new commercial roofs or application over existing commercial roofs. Can be used to replace tar and gravel as well as most other roofing systems.

Urecoat UC-540 Aluminum Polyurea Coating is applied over Urecoat’s UC-730 Spray Foam (Spray-on Polyurethane Foam or SPF) to form a superior advanced commercial roofing system that will seal and protect the roof. The result is a stable, seamless corrosion and solar shield. Maintenance is easy and low cost. Damage to the roofing system can be easily repaired without compromising the integrity of the roof.

Aluminum Polymer Coat applied over SPF Roofing

Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Commercial Insulation Program

Urecoat Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing System can be used for the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Commercial Insulation Program. See Manitoba Hydro’s website for rebate information.

Lowers Cooling Costs

Lower Roof Temperature | Aluminum Polymer Coating

Why Spray Foam Roofing?


Lower air conditioning costs – Reflects UV rays due to its suspended aluminum particles – maintains lower surface temperatures & lowers air conditioning costs


Fast & easy maintenance


Seamless – No leaks – No need for tape


No rust problems


High “R” rating


Seals cracks and crevices better than other roofing products due to its elastomer properties


Lightweight – reduce roof sag risk, better snow load tolerance


No water leaks


Self-flashing – conforms to irregular shapes – greatly reduces or eliminates parapet, stack, vent and pitch pocket leaks

Self Flashing | Aluminum Polymer Coating
Spray Foam Roofing system by Urecoat

Seamless, No Leaks

Spray Foam Roofing conforms to Irregular Shapes

Conforms to Irregular Shapes